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Thu. Mar 4th 2021
Call # 14. 3/4/21. 19:07 hours.FD Box: 5711Fire-Dwelling Fire717 E PINE ST, PHILIPSBURGEngine Rescue 13 was alerted to assist the Philipsburg Fire Department with a possible dwelling fire in the Borou...
Sun. Feb 28th 2021
Call # 13. 2/28/21Box 13-40Company 13 was dispatched for a vehicle accident with injuries on the Sandy Ridge Mountain in Rush Twp on the Tyrone Pike. Engine Rescue 13, Utility 13 and EMS responded. Un...
Mon. Feb 22nd 2021
Call # 12. Box 13-40. RUSH TWP. 4600 BLK TYRONE PIKE. 09:01 hours dispatched. Cleared at 13:22 hours.Utility 13 assisted PSP & PENNDOT with traffic control NORTHBOUND & SOUTHBOUND on Route 350...
Fri. Feb 19th 2021
Box 13-30.Company 13 handled a medical assist, assisting AMB 13-2 with lifting.
Fri. Feb 19th 2021
Box 13-30.Utility 13 handled a lift assisting, assisting MICU 23-3.
News Headlines
Mon. Feb 15th 2021
Tonight, members trained on RIT skills. We utilized our RIT pack to give a downed firefighter air and we also trained on packaging a downed firefighter onto our FAST BOARD. These skills are something ...
Fri. Nov 20th 2020
Our annual ambulance subscription drive is underway for 2021. Our EMS service does third party billing. Most insurance companies only pay a percentage of the bill and will leave you with a great amoun...
Sat. Oct 3rd 2020
Engine Rescue 13, Ambulance 13-1 and our 1933 Indiana Pumper attended the Port Matilda Fire Company parade and brought home the Judge's Choice Award, 1st placed Ambulance and 2nd place Engine. Pho...
Fri. Sep 11th 2020
As today winds down to an end, we sit back to remember September 11, 2001. 2,977 people died, 19 years ago, from a senseless act of terrorism. 2,753 at the WTC, 184 at the Pentagon, and 40 in Shankesv...
Sat. Jul 4th 2020
Today, we attended the annual Osceola Mills Firemen's parade and brought home the Chief's Award and 1st place Ambulance! We always enjoy participating in this parade every year! Thank you for ...
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Dwelling Fire
Mon. Jan 11th 2021

Call # 1. 1/11/21.

FD Box: 5711

Fire-Dwelling Fire


Engine Rescue 13 was alerted to assist the Philipsburg Fire Department with a dwelling fire on Sixth Street. Company 13 was placed available before responding due to Chief 57 arriving on scene and determining it to be a furnace malfunction.

416 entries in the Call History

416 entries in the Call History