Recent Calls
Thu. Apr 2nd 2020
Call # 14. 4/2/20.FD Box: 1330
Vehicle Fire - Small
Company 13 dispatched for a vehicle fire as a result of a vehicle
accident with no injuries on the Tyrone Pike. Engine Resc...
Mon. Mar 23rd 2020
Dispatched for a vehicle into a ditch. Company 13 was placed available before response by PSP Rockview.
Mon. Mar 16th 2020
Call # 12.Shortly after returning from the accident, Company 13 was alerted on Box 57-11 for a working dwelling fire in the Borough of Philipsburg. Engine Rescue 13 responded with a crew of 5. Engine ...
Sun. Mar 15th 2020
Call # 11.At 20:12 hours on Company 13 was alerted for Box 13-40 for traffic control due to an overturned tractor trailer in the Sandy Ridge Mountain. Engine Rescue 13 and Utility 13 responded with a ...
Sun. Mar 8th 2020
Call # 10. 3/8/20.FD Box: 1310
Medical Assist
RUSH TWPEngine Rescue 13 handled a medical assist, assisting Ambulance 13-1 & Medic 23-1.
News Headlines
Mon. Feb 10th 2020

EMT Danielle Demchak
spoke to the Girl Scouts 27104 about first aid at our ambulance station
in Osceola Mills. Hopefully they all become first responders in the
Thu. Jan 23rd 2020
We would like to take the time to congratulate our member, Beth
Williams, on successfully obtaining her Emergency Medical Technician
(EMT) certification after 4 months of training and testing. Our...
Sun. Jan 19th 2020
The Mountain Top Fire Company has been approved for a grant through the
PA Office of The State Fire Commissioner in the amount of $11,920.24 for
the fire company and $9,192.44 for the ambulance. T...
Tue. Jan 7th 2020
We hosted the Cub Scout Pack 43 of West Decatur. A few members went over first aid with the scouts for various emergencies including severe bleeding, heart attack, strokes, snake bites, tick bites, sh...
Fri. Jan 3rd 2020
Our EMS division ended the 2019 year with 411 calls for service. That is down 86 from 2018. Was a very slow year!The Top 5 runner are as follows:
Danielle Demchak - 137 calls
Ben Bush - 122 calls

Due to the current events with COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) the members of the Mountain Top Fire Company decided it was in the best interest of the community and our department to CANCEL our monthly Sunday dinner which was scheduled for April 5, 2020.


We are selling Gardners Peanut Butter Meltaway bars! $1 each. Contact any member if you'd like to buy or sell for us!



Have you ever wanted to be a volunteer firefighter? Now is the time to do so. The emergency service is in a crisis and now we have benefits to offer for those who join and volunteer! This is through a Recruitment and Retention grant in which multiple departments around the area have received.


New volunteers have these benefits:

*Up to $10,000 per recruit ($2,500 per year) in tuition reimbursement from any accredited post secondary school.
*A stipend of up to $5 per call that you respond to with a total of up to $500/yr.
*New turnout gear.
*$5,000 life insurance policy.
*All the necessary training required to obtain these benefits.

All of these benefits are free of charge to you and to the fire department due to the grant received.

Send us a message if you are interested in joining the fire department or stop by our station located at 392 State Street, Sandy Ridge, PA 16677.


We are selling green 911 reflective addressing signs for $15.00. Print the online order form and  send or give to any member.  By placing one of these signs along the road, it wlll eliminate costly delays in emergency services locating he correct address.

Check out our facebook page and click "like." This is also up to date with all events and recent emergency calls of the fire company. The link is located at the top of the page.


The Mountain Top Fire Company sells a monthly lottery ticket for $ 5.00. It covers the 7pm drawing Mon - Saturday. It pays 50.00 per day, 100.00 on Wednesday. Also it pays 10.00 if the winning number is one number above or below your number. Either contact any fireman or to have them sent by mail, send an email to LOTTERY COMMITTEE